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Steak with Yakisoba Butter Sauce

Steak with Yakisoba Butter Sauce

General Ingredients

(Makes 1 serving)

- 1/2 lb steak (any cut you like)
- 1 tbsp of butter 
- 2 tbsp of OtaJoy Sauce Yakisoba
- Salt and pepper for flavor


You can use any kind of steak cut you like with this adaptable steak sauce, but we used a New York steak cut for the video tutorial. 


1. Simply grill your favorite steak: for medium-well, 4 to 5 minutes on one side, then 3 to 5 minutes on the other side.  

2. While your steak is on the grill, melt butter in a shallow frying pan. As soon as it is all melted, mix in OtaJoy Sauce Yakisoba and blend.

3. Pour over your steak and serve hot! This is a very easy and quick dinner recipe idea.



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  • Elizabeth Tontz