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Pasta Yakisoba

General Ingredients

(For 1 serving)

- Your favorite pasta noodles
- 10 oz pre-packaged salad mix (such as coleslaw or baby kale)
- 4 slices of bacon
- 2 tbsp of olive oil
- 3.5 oz (100g) OtaJoy Sauce: Yakisoba

(Note: Substitute Gluten Free Pasta Noodles to make the recipe gluten-free!)


1. In a pot, boil your favorite pasta noodles (preferably spaghetti or angel hair) as per the instructions, then set aside and drain. 

2. Heat up a frying pan or electric griddle to 400F. Heat up vegetable oil. Cook bacon until fully cooked through. Use your spatula to break the bacon into bite-sized pieces.

3. Add cooked pasta noodles, then heat for an additional minute. Mix well.

4. Add salad mix and cook for one minute. (Note: if you use coleslaw, it takes an additional minute because it is thicker than lettuce or kale).

5. Pour OtaJoy Sauce: Yakisoba and mix until the sauce is thoroughly distributed. Serve hot!

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