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Gluten Free Vegetarian Portabella Mushroom Sushi Rolls

Gluten Free Vegetarian Portabella Mushroom Sushi Rolls

General Ingredients

(Makes about 8 pieces)

- 2 heaping cups of brown cooked rice
- 2 tbsp of sushi vinegar
- 1 full size portabella mushroom, sliced 
- Kaiware Sprouts (Japanese "daikon" radish sprouts)
- About 1 tbsp of Vegenaise or any other vegan mayo (you can always use regular mayo as well). 
- OtaJoy Sauce Sushi 

*Note: you can find kaiware daikon sprouts at any Japanese markets, but if you are not located near a place that sells kaiware, you can substitute for pea sprouts.  We used vegan mayo because we like the taste of it and plus it is low fat and low cholesterol, but you can use any mayo that you like.



1. Slice your portabella mushroom and stir-fry in a pan until they are cooked through. Set aside to cool.

2. Lay out your bamboo sushi rolling mat and place a square piece of plastic wrap on top of that. Lay a large square piece of seaweed on top of the plastic wrap. (note: there is a rough side and a smooth side to the seaweed. Lay the rough side up).

3. Next prepare your sushi rice in a bowl by adding 2 heaping cups of cooked rice and 2 tablespoons of sushi vinegar. Put the rice on top of the seaweed layer (it should cover the most of your seaweed, but leave about a half inch on each side of the seaweed sticking out, so that the roll will stick together at the end).

4. Place the cooked portabella mushrooms down the center in a row down the middle of the rice. Next lay kaiware sprouts next to the mushrooms and drizzle the vegan mayo on top of the ingredients. 

5. Begin to roll from the side of the mat closest to you and stop half way. Squeeze tightly to get the ingredients to stick together well, then continue to roll to the end and squeeze again. To cut, wet your knife so that the blade doesn`t stick to the rice. Makes 8 pieces. Serve with OtaJoy Sauce Sushi!

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  • Elizabeth Tontz