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19Feb 2015
Beard Papa's and OtaJoy collaborate to make the popular Puffwich at Japan Week NY!Japan Week NY is going on from February 18th through 20th in Grand Central Station! Beard Papa's ... read more
07Jan 2015
New Website!!We are pleased to present our new website! We would love to hear your feedback. Check it out and ... read more
07Jan 2015
RelocationWe are pleased to announce that as of August 1st, 2013 we have relocated to our new factory locat... read more

The distinctive face of Otafuku has been a popular folk mask in Japan for centuries. Her face is unique and amusing and is often paired with the male folk mask of Hyottoko in comic dances during local harvest festivals. In ancient mythology, Otafuku’s dance brought the sun out of hiding and brightened the skies from darkness. Otafuku is not known for her physical beauty, but her features remind us of the health of life: her constantly smiling eyes remind us of joy and pleasure; her short nose suggests humility; her small, reserved mouth signifies the utterance of voice of simplicity; her round cheeks symbolize health; and her high forehead reflects her intelligence. It is with great privilege that we carry the name of Otafuku and it is our desire to help add to the health of life and, like the Otafuku of ancient times, brighten the days of our customers.